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14 Tips for Making Better Christmas Pictures

Today is the day that special day when you wish you Merry Christmas!

From us, we want you happy holidays and a lot to enjoy with your family on these particular days. But we do not forget our passion for photography, so we want this Christmas to pull your camera bag and disparate because you’ll be surrounded by unique and worth remembering situations.

Decorated and illuminated streets, you houseful of Christmas decorations, the expression of the smallest of the house to open gifts that Santa Claus has brought them … As you can see, there are many, but we must be careful not to let them escape. In today’s article, we give a few tips to get make the best pictures of the holidays.

1. Prepare your computer.

Remember that we not only need the camera. Batteries, memory cards, tripod, … it seems not, but there are some elements that we do not forget if we want to take pictures at that time. If you are spending the holidays away from home, it is best that you apply and make a list like the one we recommended in Article travel photography.

  • Carrying a blank memory card to make room for your photos
  • Charge your battery to stop so you do not bring the camera when you need it most
  • Carries a spare memory card
  • Carries a battery and battery backup
  • Do not forget to take the camera charger
  • Take the tripod
  • Take a chamois to always clean your goal

2. Prepare the environment

You already have the material, but where are you going to do the photos? If you’re at home, make sure there are elements that, without distracting, remember that we are at Christmas. A Christmas tree, a Nativity scene, colored lights …

Make sure the light is right or if you need flash. And playing with bokeh now that you have colored lights! They can stay very original photos.

3. White Balance

Remember, if you do photos inside, some cameras do not tune much in the automatic white balance. Manually adjust the white balance your camera or, better yet, shoot in RAW if your camera allows it to make an adjustment of white balance in subsequent RAW. Sure your photos are much better.

4. Portraits as

A good option is to find a secluded corner of the house where, decorated for the occasion, can go about doing portraits of the guests. It can be a quiet room where there is much movement, with Christmas decorations, a soft background, and where the photographed can be found at ease.

Guests as they arrive, you can go portraying them, so that later join the party.

Remember that there are people who feel very uncomfortable when to take pictures and even those who do not want in any way to be in it. Do not force anyone to take pictures if you do not want. They are very special dates to wrong foot.

5. Take photos of the process

The Christmas Eve dinner is not reduced. There is some advance preparation you can pick up in your photographs. The development in the kitchen, the process of setting the table, dining decoration, gifts … Take photos because not last forever especially food and gifts!

6. Pictures before and after dinner

You can take some pictures of everyone sitting at the table, just before you start eating. Then you can repeat photos when everyone has finished dinner. Is the effect of so much food will be noted in the picture?

7. Find a point of interest

Remember that one of the secrets of composition in photography is simplicity. Try to find a single point of interest on each photo to do. This task is complicated at this time when there are too many elements that can distract the viewer’s attention: lights, colors, clothes, … Focus on points of interest, thinking that is what you want to highlight in each picture. It is an exercise that will teach you to care more about your photos, and you’ll get more satisfactory results.

8. Group photos

We tend to group pictures of the end of the night. It seems that is when we have already done, and then use photography as a resource to personnel. It is much better to group photos at the beginning when people are fresher.

9. The opening gifts

What to get my wife for christmas?” You should think of that first because opening gifts is a critical moment of the night. The scene takes place very quickly, and no second chances. If your camera allows, set it in continuous or burst mode. Then you just have to discard those that do not serve photos (mostly), but they sure are reflected in some real situations. You do not want to miss the look of surprise when they open your gift does not?Still wondering about what to buy your wife this Christmas?Check this post on

10. Fill the frame

One of the biggest problems in Christmas pictures and, photos of these meetings or events, you want to take too much information on the film, opening flat to fit more things and leaving too much space in the picture. Try to close more planes, by focusing on details and eliminating free space.

11. Use bounce flash

This only you can do it if you have an external flash, so if you have a compact camera or simply do not have an external flash, you can skip this point.

When the flash is used directly on objects or photographed subjects, they tend to leave very pale by the flash effect, contrasting with the dark background. With bounce flash or blur is achieved more homogeneous illumination of the room, leaving a more natural lighting.

12. Use the macro mode

More and more cameras have a macro mode photography. In the case of digital SLR, there are those who have specific targets for macro photography. If your case is one of them, do not forget to devote some of your photos to this form of photography, capturing details like Christmas ornaments or parts of Bethlehem.

13. Watch the aperture

You’re probably constantly changing the aperture, depending on which group taking pictures of people, the situation, details of decoration. This will force you to alter the aperture of the diaphragm continuously. Do not forget to watch as you have this aspect of the settings of your camera, lest you forget to vary it between photos, and end up taking the group photo with their unfocused protagonists.

14. Take a tour of the area

These days the appearance of the streets varies widely due to the Christmas decorations. If you have time, take a walk with your camera down the road. You can find the opportunity to make some pictures that only occurs at this period of the year.

How to look for the best air fryer?

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Of course, you can buy any machine you are interested in, they all have basic function of cooking your food. However, there are two suggestions we would like you to consider for finding the most suitable one: Brand and price.
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